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Metropolitan Crane sells, services, and inspects many used overhead bridge cranes and used jib cranes and we always welcome your inquiries. We will customize the used equipment to your specific needs, as applicable.

We will not resell used equipment that is obsolete, in pooSr condition or impossible to find replacement parts for. Please note that some companies will do this. So be sure to ask around and ask good questions.

When looking to buy a used overhead bridge crane or used jib crane, carefully research the lifting system prior to purchasing. Other cost considerations: shipping costs and any additional modifications that will be needed to modify the equipment for your facility and usage.


Here are a few critical points we suggest buyers consider and questions you should ask prior to buying...


Used overhead bridge or jib cranes will have little or no warranty.

Availability of Parts for Used Cranes

Used overhead bridge, and jib cranes may require replacement parts. Many cranes and hoists on the market are obsolete and parts may not be available. BE SURE TO CHECK: Are parts still available and for a reasonable price?

Used Crane Installation

It is extremely rare for a used overhead bridge or jib crane to operate in your facility without some modification.

Used Brand Name Cranes

Just because a used overhead bridge, or jib crane has a high profile brand name, that does not mean that you’ll receive a problem-free operation.

Compare Total Cost Of Used Cranes To New Cranes

If the cost of a used overhead bridge or jib crane is close to 60% of the cost for buying a new overhead bridge or jib crane, it is probably not a good deal. The freight and installation costs are the same whether new or used.

Buying Used Cranes By Auction

When you consider purchasing a used overhead bridge or jib crane from an auction, it is critical to include the costs of removal, installation, and modifications, along with the consideration of the above suggestions.

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Metropolitan Crane Company is Milwaukee's leading Overhead Bridge Crane company. We can build, customize and install new and used overhead bridge cranes, pole-mounted crane systems, jib cranes, runways, bridge girders, hoists, chains and motors.

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