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Do you know OSHA requires a hoist or crane to have a load test certificate on file from initial installation?

Don't get caught without it.

If the initial load test document is not available or the installer didn't perform one, a load test needs to be performed documenting the date, manufacturer, serial number, capacity, amount of load used, with a signature.

The load test should be provided by a competent individual properly lifting a 125% load. Safety devices may need to be temporarily disabled to allow the hoist to lift this test load.

Load tests must also be performed once there has been any major modification or repair. We can provide load test certification for hoists and cranes from 50 lb. to 30 tons with our current stock of test weights. That's a 30 ton load test at 125% or 75,000 lbs!

Our stock will increase to allow us to load test up to 50 ton in the future. That's a 50 ton load test at 125% or 125,000 lbs!

We have the resources to produce load tests of up to 100 tons or 250,000 lbs. or more.

Our standard load test is designed to meet all OSHA and ANSI standards with a proof load of 125% of the rated capacity. In situations when requested, a measured deflection of the structure the hoist is attached to, will determine  If the structure performs within it's allowable designed parameters.

We will load test any type or manufacture of overhead hoists or cranes Provided they are in proper operating condition. We recommend a full inspection be performed prior to the load test to be confident the hoist or crane will perform the load test safely and properly.

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